Support and maintenance

Профессиональная поддержка сайтов включает целый комплекс операций, направленных на обеспечение работоспособности интернет-ресурса не только на техническом уровне, но и информационном. Чтобы он был привлекательным для посетителей, актуальным и рентабельным необходимо обновлять и обслуживать функционал. Это также обеспечивает работу без сбоев и корректное отображение содержимого, как на персональном компьютере, так и на экранах смартфонов или планшетов.

Professional site support includes a whole range of operations aimed at ensuring the performance of the Internet resource not only at the technical level, but also at the informational level. To make it attractive to visitors, relevant and cost-effective, it is necessary to update and maintain the functionality. It also ensures smooth operation and correct display of content, both on a personal computer and on the screens of smartphones or tablets.

This allows you to ensure stability, good protection against viruses and hacking attempts, making changes to the HTML code to meet the modified requirements of browsers, introducing new modules and functions, and many other aspects. Technical support of sites should be carried out on a regular basis, and not only when some failures have occurred or incorrect operation of some functions has been observed. In the ATW studio, you can conclude an agreement for a permanent service or one-time services on the most favorable terms in Ukraine.

Site support includes

Technical support

Information service

Graphic works


How much does site maintenance cost?

Comprehensive site maintenance consists of a wide range of operations. Website owners determine the necessary list of works to ensure the functioning of the resource and choose the most suitable tariff plan, both in terms of the technical component and in terms of cost.

Is it website maintenance?

Website technical support is understood as a comprehensive technical and information service to prevent possible failures in work and loss of position in search results.

What is site support?

Site maintenance is the improvement of functionality and updating of information, allowing users to receive the highest quality of targeted services.

Сколько стоит поддержка сайта?

The cost of site support depends on the selected tariff plan and the general condition of the platform at the time of contacting specialists.

Site support and maintenance

For a website to function successfully, it is not enough just to develop, create and launch it. The Internet space is often changing, search sampling mechanisms are being modified, technical requirements are outdated, as a result, some functions may not work correctly. For commercial platforms, this is fraught with big losses, not only in terms of money, but also a loss of customers, which is much more serious. Regular technical support of sites is a necessary service that determines the correct operation of all the functionality of the resource.

Support for the company’s website is:

  • scheduled complex maintenance;
  • domain and hosting renewal;
  • Detecting and fixing current errors;
  • content actualization and SEO optimization of existing text and graphic content;
  • efficient resource linking;
  • analysis of site traffic and characteristics of the target audience;
  • ensuring the stability of all functionality.

Sometimes the standard package of services for supporting sites on Bitrix, the most progressive and technological platform, may include an extended range of services, but this depends on different criteria, the structure of the site, its purpose, the number and complexity of identified errors.

It is a mistake to believe that technical support of the site is necessary only at the first stages after the launch of the project. Maintenance should be carried out regularly, and this is an axiom. The owner can perform some operations independently in working mode, but there are a number that require a professional solution. By entrusting the technical support of your resource to the specialists of the Art Time Web studio, you will forget about technical problems, your content will always be relevant, and the site will be at the forefront in search results.

Site support, price

A live, active and interesting site that attracts visitors and motivates them to perform targeted actions is a complex, versatile work of a whole team of diversified specialists. Abandoned resources that have not been updated for a long time are not attractive to users, as well as to search engines, therefore they have a low return. The cost of professional website support is low. A timely request for maintenance will make the site competitive, and the investment will pay off quickly.

For the creation and support of sites, the price in the Art Time Web studio is available to everyone who wants to develop a successful business on the Internet. Here you can order the development of a resource of any complexity and focus with subsequent maintenance on favorable terms. You can also apply for complex services of long-existing platforms, and for site support, the price will be calculated on the basis of the operations necessary for the rehabilitation and revitalization of the resource. But in each case it is an individual approach and favorable conditions.

You can find out what the prices for website maintenance are by contacting the managers of the ATW studio. Here you can arrange a one-time service, an agreement for long-term cooperation. The cost of site support per month includes a certain set of manipulations that exclude any functional and technical risks. There is no need to try to save money by postponing timely service, as this will give a good chance for competitors to bypass your business and attract your customers. Thus, a low price for website maintenance is the best business engine in the virtual space, where competition is very high and any oversight will send the site to the bottom of the search results list.

What price for site maintenance will be in each case is determined after analyzing the basic factors of functionality and the level of platform optimization. However, in Art Time Web you can always count on the best conditions.

Website technical support

Under the technical support of the site understand the constant monitoring of the stability of its operation. Some work needs to be done almost daily, which directly affects the indexing of the platform and the visibility of browsers by search engines. These include:

  • controlling the availability of the site for users and its correct display in different search engines;
  • resource backup for security and data preservation;
  • updating the system and extensions.

It is best to entrust the creation and maintenance of the site to one company, since specialists do not need to delve into someone else’s work, and they have all the necessary information, which saves time and money. Art Time Web Studio offers profitable service packages, regardless of the volume and direction of the resource.

In addition, it is important to provide information support for the site. The complex of works includes updating the content for high ranking in search engines. If necessary, you need to deploy more serious promotion and SEO promotion activities in order to increase competitive attractiveness and maintain user trust. In addition, to attract potential customers, it is necessary to carry out directed work with mail and mailing lists. All this can be obtained in one package when ordering development and maintenance of sites in ATW.

Comprehensive website maintenance

Comprehensive site maintenance includes a wide range of works, the number of which is determined by the age of the resource, the time of the last actions, errors detected, the frequency and nature of failures, and other factors. After a comprehensive analysis of the state of the platform, it is being modernized, functionality is updated, work is adjusted, and actual text and graphic content is posted. Professional services allow you to eliminate any errors and increase the reputation and profit of a business on the Internet.

Website maintenance in Art Time Web studio is a high level of reliability, convenience and comfort of cooperation, pleasant rates. Specialists can solve any problems of the Internet business, and become a reliable partner, making sure that the activity is profitable and competitive in any circumstances.