Application promotion

Mobile application promotion is an important step in software promotion. The process is aimed at ensuring that the software is visible on specialized sites and occupies the top places, so that the user from a number of similar offers in the fiercest competition to choose yours.

Feature of application promotion

Promoting an app in the App Store or Play Market is quite a challenge with many influences. It is important not only to find the right target audience, but also to motivate them to make a purchase. Being in the top positions allows interested people to learn about the launch of a new product, its characteristics and capabilities, and as a consequence, make a purchase.

The main stages of application promotion

Preparing for promotion

ASO optimization, selection and preparation of the promotion site, creation of press releases and advertising campaigns. At this stage, it is very important to use different marketing tools and techniques that will determine the commercial demand and effectiveness of promotion;

Release on a commercial platform

The main complex of promotion begins with the publication of the software on the site, and it is aimed at achieving top positions in the issuance of the marketplace and increase the rating. At this stage, various methods are used to increase the number of downloads and monitor user feedback and comments;

Development and publication of advertising

Advertising support is needed for the software product only at the stage of its launch, but throughout the software life cycle to maintain consumer interest and stable program sales. To do this, use different channels of virtual marketing, which attract new users motivated to purchase the application.


How much does application promotion cost?

The set of operations to promote mobile applications in each project is different, so the cost of the task varies from case to case. Find out more during a professional consultation at the Art Time Web studio.

Application promotion

Making a beautiful, functional and interesting application is not enough for users to want to buy, download, install and use it on a regular basis.

You can order promotion of the application in social networks, thematic platforms-shops and browsers on favorable terms in Ukraine in Art Time Web.

Different effective tools and techniques are used for promotion, which are chosen depending on the different characteristics of the product and the place of promotion. There are several types of promotion:

  • Apple Search Ads – promotion of software developed for the iOS operating system;
  • Google Ads (UAC) – universal platforms for advertising applications on the media and search network: Google, YouTube;
  • Facebook & amp; Instagram Ads – promotion on popular social networks Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network;
  • Google Play & amp; App Store – optimize software to increase visibility and high rankings in Google Play and App Store.

The promotion of the mobile application should be carried out comprehensively and in different directions on the basis of a well-developed marketing strategy and correctly set targets. The main task of these actions: increasing the number of downloads and sales, interactive interaction with users not only for the period of promotion, but also for the entire life cycle of the software. Customer focus is one of the factors that determines the high level of consumer confidence not only in the product but also in the manufacturer.

The promotion of the mobile application consists of a whole set of actions and successive stages. In the preparatory, the main parameters of the product, competitors and target consumers are analyzed, namely:

  • On what software and type of mobile gadgets people will use software;
  • The main behavioral characteristics of consumers, for what purposes they buy / download software;
  • How constant the interest of users, including at certain intervals;
  • How long the people who installed the app use it daily / monthly;
  • Geographical location of the target audience, language of communication, gender, age, status, income level.

Based on the analysis of this data, a special case is created for the promotion of the mobile application, which prescribes the algorithm of actions required to achieve the expected result. The study of the above parameters is performed by tools such as Google Analytics, Apple Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Firebase, which can always provide updated and unlimited reporting on different categories of queries.

The promotion of mobile applications in Google Adwords, Play Market, Facebook, etc. is carried out in several stages. Regardless of whether the application is promoted on Facebook, marketplaces or other platforms, it is important that all work is performed by specialists who have modern methods of Internet promotion. This can guarantee the profitability of the project and the success of the application, regardless of the category and area of ​​application. Graduated specialists of the Art Time Web studio will help to promote effectively and attract a constant flow of new clients in Ukraine.

Mobile application promotion, cost

ASO promotion is a set of works to optimize mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play platforms. In addition to increasing visibility for users, the process focuses on text optimization, creating a good product description and developing graphics. If we draw a parallel, the ASO promotion of mobile applications in many ways resembles SEO site optimization, as it is focused on achieving top search results.
Methods such as:

  • keyword name;
  • semantics describing software functionality;
  • use of subheadings;
  • product description;
  • advertising content;
  • developer information;
  • icons and screenshots;
  • video presentation;
  • user rating and feedback;
  • Web feeds.

The promotion of iOS and Android applications goes through the following stages:

  • setting up analytics – connecting adequate analytical codes, defining and setting up goals and advertising rooms, creating a remarketing audience;
  • PR – work with the media, bloggers and other channels for product advertising;
  • Active advertising campaign phase – potential users see advertising about the software product while searching for information, on various sites, social networks and other applications;
  • Prepare reports on the results of the promotion of applications in the App Store, Google Play, Facebook and other platforms. As a result, adjustments are made, advertising is modified, and new adequate targets are set.

Promotion of software for mobile gadgets in Art Time Web takes place in two main areas: definition and solution of current optimization tasks, preparation of TK and control of its implementation; and search and selection of optimal Internet channels for advertising and promotion of iOS applications or based on the Android operating system. So specialists manage not only to bring the software to the top, but also to attract a large number of customers, keep them and motivate them to buy.
The promotion of the mobile application in the App Store and Google Play is influenced by such factors as:

  • Number of downloads and installations;
  • Speed ​​and consistency of software installation growth;
  • Polarity of software evaluation by users;
  • Number of comments and their color;
  • How fast and how many times the app was removed from the mobile gadget;
  • How often users run and use the software functionality.

An in-depth analysis of these influencing factors ensures a good result in every case of seeking professional help, regardless of the category, scope and functional set of the application. The cost of the service depends on the scale of the project and the platforms on which the promotion will take place, so in each case the price will be calculated individually. However, the ATW studio’s tariff line is the most attractive in Ukraine.

Google Play Application Promotion

Of course, high quality products are important for promoting an application on Google Play. If it is not useful and interesting for users, it will not be installed or quickly removed from a smartphone or tablet, which, as mentioned above, negatively affects the ranking. Effective promotion of Android applications largely depends on the number of positive reviews and comments, so developers should bring to market only 100% quality software product.

The promotion of the application on Google Play can take place in several ways:

  • Social networks are the fastest, least expensive and most effective way to promote, thanks to the constant growth of traffic, the widest audience, the most powerful information mechanisms;
  • Forums – the promotion of Android applications will not be so fast, but quite effective, but it is important to choose the right site;
  • Online advertising – a wide reach of the target audience, increasing the reference mass;
  • Services for the exchange of advertising publications (cross-promotion) – used to attract an audience with specific characteristics. The method will be effective if the Android application is not promoted from scratch and the product already has a certain customer base;
  • Attract motivated traffic – special services are used that allow you to quickly promote applications on Google Play and bring them to the top.

What exactly is suitable for promoting the Android application in ATW is determined by experts after filling out the brief. In Google Play, the promotion of applications has many pitfalls, ignorance of which can lead to quite deplorable consequences, which will then be difficult to fix. Promotion of Android and iOS applications includes semantics, tag optimization, comment motivation, link building.

Android application promotion

Promoting an app in Google Play is somewhat different from promoting iOS products. Google more carefully and thoroughly analyzes consumer behavior, such as loyalty and software reuse, time spent in a single session, and more, indicating natural organic traffic. Therefore, the promotion of Android applications should be user-oriented.

As Google Play is frequently updated and ranking algorithms are improved, the promotion of the Android application by Art Time Web specialists is subject to modifications, so a high result is guaranteed in every case. The system imposes stricter conditions, such as a ban on mentions of paid and free versions, the use of emoji or special characters, the use of keywords indicating ownership of awards and position in the rankings. As a result, the promotion of the Android application is now based on the quality of the product, functionality and content.

Art Time Web Studio offers promotion of Android and iOS applications of any complexity and complexity on favorable terms in Ukraine. Professionalism of employees and rich experience in development, creation, optimization and promotion of software products in various fields guarantees the effectiveness of cooperation.