SMM promotion

Website development for business is an effective way to scale and adjust to modern trends. web solutions help connect with customers, deliver better services, expand opportunities and lead to growth. Digitalize your business with Art time web and reach the next level.

What areas is SMM useful for?



medium and small businesses that specialize in providing inexpensive services and goods (food, clothing, household goods, education, consultations, etc.);


B2C sphere

firms working with clients directly (repair of equipment or real estate, beauty industry);


Restaurant and hotel business

ordering food, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs;


Internet shops

large online stores interested in expanding the audience and increasing the rate of capital turnover;



How much does SMM promotion cost?

SMM promotion of a page in social networks depends on such factors as: whether the page was previously created, what condition it is in and what measures need to be taken to rehabilitate it, what goals and objectives it pursues, the set of tools used and the amount of content to keep up to date condition.

What is SMM and how does it work?

Promotion with social networks is a set of methods used to attract the target audience, promote goods and services, increase brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

SMM promotion in social networks

Promotion in social networks is a modern method that provides an almost unlimited opportunity to develop a business selling goods and services, regardless of the direction of activity. Not everyone understands how promising the virtual platform is, and for many it seems that something is not quite serious, because they do not know how this tool works. Others, on the contrary, think that CMM is something like a magic wand, and as soon as you start working in this area, money will flow like a river. This is not entirely true, since only a professionally developed promotion strategy can give a long-term effect. This approach to promoting the group in social networks will be provided by the Art Time Web studio.

The abbreviation SMM means social media marketing, which is translated as marketing in social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn. This method of promoting a brand or company is very effective, because if earlier such platforms were used to communicate, find friends and search for interest groups, today they are a good tool for sales. Website promotion in social networks takes place in a fairly relaxed atmosphere in which users come to have fun, communicate, so they perceive information of any nature more easily and simply. In addition, this is a unique opportunity to filter the target audience and communicate with it, becoming closer. Here, advertising is more accessible, while it is seen by exactly those people who are interested in this product or service.

Promotion of an online store in social networks is a kind of good form today, as the company becomes as close as possible to its customers. The tool is suitable not only for business, but also for official government agencies in various areas. On the platform, they connect not only with customers, but also with partners, suppliers, distributors and other agents working in the B2B segment.

Thus, brand promotion in social networks is a universal tool that gives a good result in the promotion of any company, regardless of the field of activity, form of organization or size. What is undesirable, unacceptable or impossible for ordinary promotion in the physical plane is practically unlimited in the virtual. There is a wider instrumental potential, more media channels, and the ability to use effective advertising campaigns, promotions, PR, direct marketing to promote services in social networks.

Of course, you can start promoting a company in social networks on your own, but you need to know which of the available tools will bring maximum profitability and how to apply it correctly to achieve your goals. It is also worth considering that each promotion method, in addition to advantages and strengths, also has disadvantages. Therefore, an unprofessional approach can bring the most energetic and active actions to naught, and not bring the expected results. Services of professional SMM promotion of goods and services are as important as for website promotion in search engines.

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the recognition of the page and brand by individualizing the design and functionality. It is necessary to create strong interactive connections with your audience, doing everything possible to expand it and replenish the client base. Business promotion in social networks should be regular, and actions should be performed constantly so that visitors are always interested, have a desire to purchase a product or order a service, and create separate interest groups. It is necessary to monitor the frequency of publication of interesting posts in the form of thematic images, videos and text content. You can use only one promotion method or combine them at your discretion, the main thing is that together they should ensure maximum efficiency in promoting a business in social networks.

Only a professional and experienced SMMchic, that is, a specialist in brand promotion in social networks, can ensure the result. He manages the company’s account, all processes, the development of a promotion strategy and the implementation of all its points. The specialist not only ensures the promotion of the product in social networks, but also increases the level of brand awareness, trust of loyal customers and attractiveness for potential subscribers.

The SMM manager is engaged in planning actions for promotion in social networks, develops and creates content, publishes it, maintaining the relevance and high level of attractiveness of the page. Also, his duties include interactive communication with his customers of the company or brand.

If the company does not have the opportunity to hire a professional, you can always contact specialized agencies like Art Time Web. Website promotion in social networks is one of the most demanded and popular areas of studio services. A team of professional and certified masters of various profiles, such as designers, web designers and website developers

CMM promotion

SMM promotion is a complex task that includes many stages and special actions that are selected individually in each case. To do this, at the first stage, it is necessary to determine the main goals and objectives of the project and, based on these criteria, develop an action strategy. Thus, the set of goals and objectives may include:

  • Growing the reputation and awareness of the promoted brand by increasing the number of subscribers and reaching the audience;
  • create a distinct community for a given brand or company and increase the level of engagement of followers. To do this, the reaction of the audience and the frequency of interaction with the published content are analyzed;
  • collecting leads to increase sales, including by going to a page or site through third-party links or using promotional codes;
  • Analysis of the characteristics and features of the target audience through surveys, research of mentions on resources, reactions to published content in order to develop the most effective SMM advertising and promotions.

SMM promotion is not limited to using only one tool. Specialists of the Art Time Web studio always use an integrated approach that combines several methods so that they harmoniously complement each other, enhancing the action. In order for the objectives of SMM promotion to be achieved, it is necessary to carefully consider the tactics of maintaining a page on a social network and a long-term strategy.

To ensure effective SMM promotion in Ukraine on affordable terms, contact the ATW studio / here they know how to work with Internet products with different characteristics and parameters. Each customer is provided with an individual approach, since when applying, a brief is filled in, which takes into account all the nuances and subtleties of business promotion in a particular direction. This will not be discussed in any book on SMM promotion, as experience is accumulated by hard work.

SMM promotion price

For promotion in social networks, the cost may be different depending on who takes up the case. The services of professionals cannot be cheap, and if someone claims the opposite, this is a reason to be wary. You can save money and turn to beginners, or those who promise fabulous results at a very low cost. But such work, with a high degree of probability, will be ineffective. Experience comes with hard work. And it can’t be cheap.

However, prices for social media promotion can be affordable if you contact the Art Time Web studio. Social networks very often change their work algorithms and what was effective yesterday can be a waste of time and money today. If they are not known, the most expensive project may not bring the expected result. Therefore, the cost of promotion in social networks is directly proportional to its effectiveness, and vice versa.

Cooperating with ATW, clients know that their page will always be in demand, the price paid for advertising in social networks will bear fruit, the content will always be interesting and attractive to the target audience, potential and regular customers. specialists are constantly working to improve services and the adopted work strategies are timely adjusted and adjusted to modifications. As a result, advertising in social networks will have a low cost, but the most effective one.

The cost of SMM promotion includes the implementation of several mandatory steps:

  • evaluating the current state of the page, if it already exists;
  • competitive analysis;
  • compilation of the main characteristics of the target audience;
  • development of a unique individual commercial offer highlighting the advantages of the company/brand;
  • defining the format of presence in social networks and more.

As a result, on SMM, the price includes the cost of many analytical operations, based on special criteria. If we calculate separately, the amount will be much higher than the price offered for SMM services in the Art Time Web studio. here, the guidelines and priorities are the correct forecast of the promotion effect and the potential result. Specialists are always open for interaction with customers and, in addition to the best price promotion in Ukraine at CMM, can guarantee the profitability of each coin invested in the project.

SMM strategy

In order for a page in social networks to really work, and every day it is visited and subscribed, it is necessary to develop a CMM brand promotion strategy. It is developed on the basis of the goals defined at the initial stage, depending on which the optimal methods and promotion tools are selected. Before starting to develop a strategy, it is necessary to determine:

  • what business goals will SMM solve;
  • what is the current position of the page in social networks;
  • Company mention rate and their message;
  • analysis of competitor pages;
  • determining the characteristics of the target audience;
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses.

These social media strategy criteria determine how big the budget will be. As a result, the customer receives not only an efficiently working page, but also a unique community concept, designed for long-term action in frequently changing conditions and algorithms of social networks. This is regardless if the page will promote certain goods or services, be informational or entertaining.

The SMM strategy is largely based on the compilation of content that will promote the page. For direct promotion, Internet marketing tools such as targeting, retargeting, attracting bloggers, contests and promotions, and much more are used. in addition, it is very important to regularly conduct high-quality analytics and correct any deviations in a timely manner.

SMM plan is closely related to the category of published content, namely:

  • entertainment – characterized by excellent viral coverage and a large share of sharing with friends;
  • education – aimed at solving specific problems of users in the field of mastering new information or broadening their horizons;
  • commercial – direct advertising of goods and services in order to increase sales. Content should be motivating to perform a targeted action: purchase, ordering, signing up for a service, going to the website of an online store, etc.;
  • custom – comments and feedback from clients and page subscribers;
  • news – providing the user with information about various interesting facts about the company or brand, new products, developments, best employees. This forms the trust of customers and increases their loyalty.

The content strategy of SMM promotion is a demonstration of the competence and qualifications of the company, attracting an audience, motivation for action, increasing loyalty, and so on. It does not bring tangible results immediately, since it takes some time to spread over the network, and active sharing of information by subscribers. On average, promotion can reach the planned parameters in 3-6 months. But in this way, the laid foundation for page promotion will work for quite a long time without the need for major improvements.

CMM Promotion Services

SMM promotion services are very popular among small and medium-sized businesses who want to quickly and without much investment to increase their turnover. Access to the Internet audience allows you to expand it not only quantitatively and qualitatively, but also geographically, since you can place an order for the purchase of goods from anywhere in the country around the clock.

Internet business is not limited by any factors like night time, lunch break, inability to get to a particular store, and so on. Here everything happens in real time from anywhere and from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Thus, a potential client is always in touch. Therefore, the SMM service is necessary for everyone who cares about the growth and development of their enterprise.

Social media promotion methods

Of course, there are no universal methods that will work under any circumstances, and cannot be. Promotion is a constant complex work using a combination of different methods, such as:

  • targeted advertising;
  • lead promotion;
  • promotions, contests, bonuses, prizes;
  • attracting well-known bloggers;
  • mutual PR of companies from the same or adjacent market niche;
  • create content that subscribers would love to share;
  • use of thematic hashtags;
  • geotags (effective if the business has a well-developed offline network);
  • Commenting on posts that mention and tag a brand/company/product/service.

Unscrupulous specialists also use the so-called black methods of SMM promotion, but they are quite risky and can lead to unpleasant consequences overnight. Entrust the development of your business only to professionals like Art Time Web.

Stages of SMM promotion:

  • preparatory stage with the definition of the main tasks of the page;
  • choose a promotion method or set of tools;
  • work on keeping the content on the page up-to-date;
  • analytical work on the degree and effectiveness of interaction with the target audience.

Social media promotion brief

The brief is a kind of questionnaire in which the customer makes the main requirements and wishes for the future project. It is necessary for the performer to know exactly what the client wants to get as an output, what tools to use, how to develop a content strategy. In addition, the development of a brief allows you to get to know the specifics of the work and business of the customer, for a deeper immersion in the subject.

The development of a brief is also an important stage for the customer, as he can convey to the contractor all the input data, can calculate the approximate promotion budget, and reduce to a minimum the discussion of all the details of the project before it is approved and sent to work. The whole process takes 10-15 minutes and the benefits are enormous as it effectively saves many hours of work.

The brief for promotion in social networks includes:

  • customer contact details;
  • information about the promoted company, product, service, brand;
  • data about the main competitors;
  • target audience identification;
  • information about past promotion attempts (if any);
  • goals and objectives of the project;
  • materials for promotion;
  • Additional information that was not included in other thematic sections.

The brief consists of 4-5 pages and in such a compact form is transferred to the contractor to develop the concept and strategy and determine the necessary work.

SMM promotion order

It is not difficult to order SMM in Ukraine – just contact the professionals of the Art Time Web studio. Here they provide a full range of services for the development and creation of sites for SEO and SMM promotion. Since the staff consists of diversified specialists, any, even the most complex task, will be implemented as soon as possible, and with a guarantee of efficiency. thus, ordering SMM promotion here is the best solution when you need a result without overpaying.

You can find out how to order CMM on the website or by contacting the studio managers. Also, for a complete and detailed consultation, you can go directly to the studio, where you will get acquainted with the portfolio, the list of services for the development, creation and promotion of Internet resources, as well as with direct performers. As a result, you can order SMM on the most favorable terms.