External site optimization

External optimization of the site is a work to increase the visibility of the resource, its attractiveness and credibility.

Methods of external optimization

The main method is to increase the reference mass and purchase links on various specialized reliable exchanges. This process is somewhat protracted over time, as the unnaturally rapid growth of links is viewed negatively by search engines and sanctions are imposed.

The main advantage of external SEO

By posting links to favorable resources with high traffic and no negative content, a long-term effect of visitor growth and increased leads is provided. The trust of the search bot to the site in which this type of promotion is carried out also increases, and consequently the site itself rises to higher positions in search queries.


What is external site optimization?

External promotion of the site is a set of works on increasing the volume of link mass, growing the reputation and authority of the platform and improving the position in search results in different browsers.

External site optimization

The action is mainly aimed at increasing the reference mass, which gives the platform weight when processed by search engines. Thus, external optimization refers to the implementation of actions to ensure a high reputation of the site, which determines the position of the resource when issued by search engines.

It is important when working on external promotion, to know on what principle the ranking is formed in different search engines.

External site optimization stages

At external optimization of a site the check list includes a full complex of necessary actions on advancement which are realized in several stages:

  • primary audit of the resource;
  • analysis of the competitive environment;
  • analysis of behavioral factors;
  • increase conversions and usability;
  • adjustment of the site structure;
  • work with test content and keywords;
  • meta tags;
  • third-party links.

Specialists of the Art Time Web studio will carry out turnkey site optimization, as well as implement individual stages of promotion using relevant and highly effective methods. Because the SEO algorithms for Internet resource parameters change frequently, it is important to use up-to-date tools that meet search engine requirements. Here you can order optimization of platforms of any complexity and volume and get a guaranteed high result.