Collecting the semantic core

Collecting semantics is the basis of a successful advertising campaign of an enterprise, product, brand on the Internet. Properly selected relevant keywords and a competent offer allows you to quickly attract the target audience and increase user loyalty.

Who benefits from this service

For every business and individual who operates on the Internet, it is important that the site or page is as visible as possible to search engines and occupies the first positions in the submission of user requests.

Creating a semantic core is necessary for:

Development of site architecture

Defining the hierarchy of pages, developing a structure that provides simplicity and convenience of functionality;

Promotions to top search positions

Optimization of pages provides the correct ranking in search engines;

Content compilation

Formation of a matrix of text and photo content to solve the set goals and objectives;


Simplify relinking of site pages to provide convenient navigation of users;


How to make a semantic core?

Compilation of the semantic core is performed using special analytical tools. This task is complex and requires careful study of many parameters such as: topics, competition, relevance of requests, the volume and structure of the site, the direction of the company and much more.

Collecting the semantic core

There are special algorithms for selecting resources for search results, based on the competent compilation of the semantic core. Knowledge of these laws allows you to always be at the top and attract more customers, ensure a consistently high flow of consumers and stable profits. CEOs at Art Time Web know how to build a semantic core and provide effective internal and external optimization, and can help grow a business on a profitable basis.

Creating a semantic core is to select keywords and phrases that will be attractive not only to visitors to the resource, but also to search engines. To do this, we study the frequency, relevance of requests, analysis of competitors, features of demand distribution and, as a consequence, create the right structure of the site, ensuring successful promotion on the Internet.

The semantic core for an online store will be different from the core for manufacturers, brand promotion, or a site that provides information or consulting services, as resource goals are different. An unprofessional and amateurish approach, despite the seeming correctness of the use of keys, not only will not lead to the expected result, but can greatly push the resource at the end of the list. Therefore, it would be wiser to order a semantic core from specialists who use a large set of special analytical tools.

Many sites offer to collect semantics on their own, presenting the process as a very simple task. This approach is disastrous if it is necessary to ensure the profitability of the Internet project. Investing in advertising, creating a high quality product, providing first-class services will be useless and ineffective if you save on site optimization. Entrust this work to the professionals of the ATW studio. This is financially acceptable and guaranteed to be effective.

Build a semantic core, price

When compiling the semantic core, there are no template solutions and each time the work is carried out individually, taking into account the specifics and topics of a particular site. The number of keywords for effective promotion depends on the structure and volume of the resource, so the cost varies from case to case.

For the platform to work at full capacity, it is necessary to take into account and analyze many factors, including seasonal fluctuations in demand, the credibility of competitors, the formula for calculating the frequency and relevance of requests and much more. The process goes through several stages, namely:

  • filling the brief;
  • kernel collection and clustering for maximum thematic coverage;
  • collecting information on the main competitors and compiling a report on them;
  • drafting a TOR for the CEO of the specialist;
  • post-project technical support.

As a result, the customer receives all the necessary information to effectively promote the platform, even in conditions of fierce and fierce competition. The work of professionals always guarantees a good result. A good result guarantees the profitability of the Internet. Therefore, saving on the compilation of semantics is not only impractical, but also detrimental to business.

Google Keyword Selection

Google has been and remains the most popular browser, so many companies primarily to optimize the platform, focus on the algorithms of this system. In Google, the selection of keywords is carried out on the topic of the site with the help of special analytical tools. The system will take into account not only the interests and goals of a particular business project, but also users.

Google keyword selection is the most realistic reflection of the desires, needs and requirements of people, which allows you to fully adapt the business or product to the behavioral characteristics of the target audience. Keyword analysis Google allows you to find many keywords related to users’ search queries, based on geographical location and input language. Thus, the generation and selection of keywords in Google, allows you to create a product completely focused on consumers.

Google word selection is implemented according to the following algorithm:

  • compile a list of keyword ideas;
  • collecting statistics using special word matching tools in Google;
  • delete words that do not fit the topic of a particular business;
  • semantic grouping of results;
  • extension of functionality with other tools;
  • Collect Google keywords that are most relevant and effective for a particular business project.

After selecting keywords, Google creates textual content that will not only include these queries, but will also be as interesting and informative as possible for users. If the text on the page is boring, dull and meaningless, visitors will leave and the target action will not be performed. Therefore, in addition to choosing the words of Google, it is important to attract a competent CEO specialist. In Art Time Web you can order turnkey site optimization, profitably and with a guaranteed high result.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are collected in several main ways:

  • high-frequency – keywords that determine the subject of the page, the frequency of search results, which is more than 10,000 impressions / month;
  • medium frequency – request frequency 500-10000. Consist of a few words and refine the search query;
  • Low frequency – up to 500 impressions per month, determine the needs of a particular user.

To ensure effective promotion, it is important that all three categories of keywords are included in the semantic core.

Keyword clustering is one of the most challenging tasks that professionals are advised to entrust. The process is to group words and phrases by logic and subject matter. Thus, it is not enough to collect keywords and use them in textual content. The quality of the collected semantic directly affects the level of sales and the volume of traffic.

It is a mistake to think that the kernel can be assembled automatically, without deep immersion in analytics, and then a set of “relevant” words is enough to pass to the copywriter to write the text, and the site will immediately begin to make a profit. As mentioned above, collecting semantics is a very complex task with many influencing factors. Therefore it is not necessary to risk the future of business, image and the created way, and to entrust performance of optimization of a platform to experts. In Ukraine, this can be done in the Art Time Web, where each client is guaranteed an individual approach and a personalized advantageous offer of cooperation.