Taxi app

Being in touch with customers is vital to the existence of a taxi service. Creating a mobile taxi application allows you to always be available to passengers and take orders almost instantly.

Who will benefit from the taxi app?

Drivers, passengers and companies in this field. It will be convenient for the driver to take orders, for companies to monitor, and for passengers to order a car anywhere.

The main advantages of the taxi supplement


automation of the process of acceptance and execution of orders without the involvement of staff for the dispatch service


the ability to assess the quality of service


the ability of the company to control the process of fulfilling orders, creating and updating the customer base

Development of an application for taxis

Order the development of a mobile application in the Art Time Web – means to ensure a constant flow of customers and easily interact with them and in real time. It is convenient for both passengers and drivers, and the company is guaranteed maximum profitability.

Cost of developing an application for a taxi

Development of an application for a taxi is:
• reduction of telephone costs;
• convenience for customers, as the driver can determine the location of the customer to the nearest meter;
• the passenger can find out in advance about the number, make, class of the car, cost and time of the trip;

Thus, to create a taxi application at ATW is to get a transparent, predictable and easily manageable business that brings stable profits.