Mobile applications on React Native

React Native allows you to develop an App for iOS and Android in a convenient format and with a large set of interactive elements. This flexible tool creates dynamic interfaces for one-page mobile applications.

Usefulness of applications on React Native

Application development on React is a popular and popular service in Ukraine. It is as interactive as possible and allows users to easily interact with the pages and do various actions: like, fill out various forms, pay for goods and services, get advice and much more. Ease of use determines the popularity of such resources, increasing customer loyalty and attracting the target audience.

Development on React is:

• versatility

• convenience and simplicity;

• automatic update;

• high speed application;


React Native what is it?

React is a popular library based on Java Script. It is versatile, functional, and provides dynamic and interactive applications to perform a wide range of targeted user actions.

Development of mobile applications on React Native

Developing applications for mobile gadgets is a complex task that takes a lot of time. However, applications written in React Native reduce project implementation time to a minimum, without compromising the functionality and effectiveness of the program. Also, this method allows you to reduce the budget, and how to do it as profitably as possible in the Art Time Web programming studio.

Almost every inhabitant of Ukraine uses smartphones and tablets. Users appreciate the practicality, ease and versatility of this way of navigating the network and performing the necessary targeted actions.

ATW will develop and create a mobile application for different purposes using different tools. Here you can order the implementation of projects of different volume and complexity on favorable terms and with guaranteed functionality and efficiency.

React Native Android

Most gadgets on the market are presented on the Android platform, so most applications are ordered for this OS. When choosing React Native for Apps development, you can be sure that it will work correctly on many operating systems, and you do not need to order two applications for different platforms.

React Native iOS and Android is used to create one-page simple applications without complex architecture. They are productive and provide extremely fast responsiveness of the interface, while maintaining a high level of quality, safety, reliability and functionality of the product. React Native is used by global giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Shopify and others, which best proves the reliability and efficiency of the tool.

React Native application creation

Because the library is very large and versatile, the tool can be used when creating a React project for:

  • social networks – creating comments, news, video broadcasts, text content, user authentication, etc .;
  • entertainment platforms – used to implement elements of social networks in mobile applications for comments, ratings, subscriptions, etc .;
  • messengers – create additional thematic functionality;
  • dashboards – collection and analysis of information in real time;
  • online shopping – shopping in online stores and marketplaces;
  • task planning – administration of projects, time and work of the team of employees;
  • CRM – creating software tailored to specific customer requirements with business process automation.

Thus, with React, application creation can be focused on different areas of virtual life. The presented list of areas of application is much wider, and the professional approach allows to realize practically any task, including creation of game on React Native. In Art Time Web you can order the development and creation of mobile applications for individual requirements on the most favorable terms in Ukraine. Professionalism and rich experience of specialists allows to successfully implement projects of any complexity with dynamic design and wide functionality.