Mobile application development

Creating mobile applications is not an easy process, which consists of many stages of designing and implementing software for mobile devices with different operating systems. Mobile development is carried out by certified specialists using special software and functional tools.

Who will benefit from the mobile app?

Every person who owns a smartphone or tablet goes online at least once a day or uses all kinds of Apps that greatly facilitate the implementation of many aspects of the life of a modern person. Now the creation of a mobile application for Android or iOS is one of the most important marketing tools aimed at direct interaction with the client from anywhere and at any time.

Therefore, more and more companies are investing in mobile software and taking their business to a new level. Also, corporations, by developing an application, can optimize many business processes within the company and with their partners. Thus, software for gadgets is a step into a successful future.

The main advantages of mobile applications

Image formation

With the help of mobile applications, you can distribute information about new products and services of the company, news, promotions, discounts and other important data. The presence of a mobile application forms a good image and strengthens the level of trust and reputation.

Sales increase

You can also automate and optimize the business process within the company and with the external environment. Obtaining a stable profit as a result of direct sales of goods and services to regular customers and new users who have registered an account.

Stages of creating a mobile application


Stage 1

analysis of the concept, definition of the main idea of the project, functions, tasks and target audience


Stage 2

designing the application architecture (creating a map) demonstrating the functionality of the software


Stage 3

development of design, graphic elements, fonts, buttons, icons, usability testing


Stage 4

preparation of technical specifications with a detailed description of the functionality. After the approval of the TOR, you can calculate the exact cost of the project and the timing of all work


Stage 5

prototyping to demonstrate the functionality of the application


Stage 6

active development stage


Stage 7

testing the final version on mobile devices, making the necessary adjustments


Stage 8

publication on special platforms App or transfer to the customer


Stage 9

technical support


How to make an app for android?

A team of professional programmers, designers, layout designers and other specialists is working on the creation of a mobile application. This complex work goes through several stages, each of which involves the interaction of all team members involved in the implementation of the project. All work is carried out according to the technical specifications approved by the customer and taking into account all his wishes.

Creation of mobile applications

In Art Time Web, you can order the creation of software of different directions, volume and complexity on the most favorable terms in Ukraine.

Creating a turnkey software product for mobile devices is a process consisting of several stages. Because the Android and iOS operating systems are different, mobile app developers can either specialize in one of them or be generic, like in the Art Time Web studio. Therefore, here you can order a mobile application for any OS. Knowing their specifics allows you to create functional products of any direction and volume.

Android app development

Android is the most popular operating system in the world, so most mobile software is created specifically for it. For this, the Java programming language is used, which is recognized by experts as the most reliable for creating Android applications.

Directions for the development and creation of Android applications:

  • for business – universal, functional tools that help you work with office documentation, store data, plan tasks, manage personnel and finances and optimize other business processes inside the enterprise itself, as well as outside;
  • for marketing – to promote and advertise new products or services. Popular tools include the ability to fill blogs with relevant content, work with social networks, process video and photo files, collect statistics, analyze brand awareness and popularity, send newsletters, and more;
  • for personal use – developmental and educational programs, all kinds of tests, trackers, meters, sports / diet software, personal finance management, shopping and business planning, and more.

The goal of development for Android is to create a functional and convenient mobile application that will fully work out its functionality, be useful to users and bring the expected level of profit to the customer. It is difficult and requires highly qualified specialists working on the implementation of the project. Therefore, it is not recommended to contact those who promise high quality at a low price – this does not happen. The work of qualified programmers is paid at its true worth, but at Art Time Web, each client can count on an individual approach not only to the development and creation of applications for Android, but also to pricing for turnkey services.

The development of Android applications is aimed at meeting certain needs, taking into account the specifics of a particular business. Therefore, projects can be very large-scale, designed not only for domestic consumers, but also for international ones. When developing an application for Android, special attention is paid to the usability of the interface and each of its elements.

Technically, Android application development is seen as a process of connecting individual elements and creating an individual application architecture. Testing is a very important stage, since this OS is installed on a huge number of smartphones and tablets from different manufacturers. The application should work correctly and well on any model. Creating an application for Android is a difficult task, since devices from different manufacturers have their own technical parameters, and the software must work without problems on each of them.

In Art Time Web, Android application development is carried out by graduates with extensive practical experience, so the functionality is guaranteed, regardless of the complexity of the task.

Developing iOS apps

The iOS operating system is installed only on Apple mobile products, so the creation of applications for iOS must comply with the technical and functional requirements of the manufacturer. This provides:

  • fast, functional, correct and productive application created specifically for Apple gadgets;
  • no delays in animation and content scrolling;
  • Native iOS interface with familiar navigation and design elements.

Mobile app development price

Creating mobile applications is a profitable investment, as they can be monetized quite effectively. The level of profitability depends directly on the tasks and goals of creating the App and focus. Thus, the cost of developing a mobile application quickly and effortlessly pays off.

The cost of software development services in Ukraine consists of many factors. First of all, it is the volume of the project and the complexity of its implementation. Functionality can be provided by several options in one case and many in another. It all depends on the activities of the customer and his special requirements for the operation of the software. Based on this, the final cost of the project is calculated, which remains unchanged until its completion.

Types of mobile applications

Before ordering an application, you need to choose the type of software that is suitable for solving specific problems. Applications can be:

  • Native – installed directly on the device and activated by clicking on the appropriate icon. They are downloaded from the app store like Play Market, AppStore and others and are developed for a specific platform: Android or iOS. Native apps work offline;
  • Web applications are original sites that are similar to native applications, but differ in many ways, as they are written in a different programming language. The user performs the same actions as on the site, and can bookmark it on the desktop;
  • Hybrid – a combination of the previous two types. They may be downloaded from the app store, but created in HNML5 and run through the browser.

Everything from an application for writing books to a large online store on a smartphone or tablet is developed and created by Art Time Web specialists in compliance with technical and functional requirements. Applications are productive and work on gadgets of all models.

Mobile applications for business

Business applications are:

  • Online stores – applications for the sale of goods and services are the most effective and profitable way to sell, as about 70% of consumers order what they need on the Internet;
  • Service applications – adaptation of different sites to inform existing customers about the company’s services, products and services offered, thematic and current promotions, discounts and much more;
  • Corporate mobile software for creating and maintaining a high level of corporate culture, establishing optimal communication channels and communication within the company.

For any questions about the development of a turnkey mobile application for Android or iOS in Ukraine, please contact Art Time Web specialists. Quality, product uniqueness and affordability are guaranteed, regardless of the scale of the tasks.