Creating a Landing Page

A landing page is a web page with a targeted information and advertising action. The main difference from a full-fledged site is that they offer to do one specific action: buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, download a presentation, request an estimate, and so on.

Who will benefit from Landing Page?

Since creating a landing page is useful for a narrow audience and promoting a specific product, you need to concentrate on it as much as possible. By clicking on the link, the user must get the maximum amount of useful information in a minute or two and take the necessary target action, which can be anything. Thus, the algorithm of the landing site is: come-learn-done.

Key Benefits of a Landing Page

High conversion

In addition to direct sales, the page is used to collect data about users and their characteristics. It is also suitable for retail and provides a high level of conversion, since all purchases are made in one place, without the need to click on the link.

Sales Now

The purpose of the page is to find among the visitors of the page, people who can make a purchase right now. There should not be many products or services here, that is, one page - one product / service. Therefore, it should be developed taking into account the behavioral characteristics of the target audience.


The cost of a landing page is much lower compared to full-fledged volumetric sites.


What is a landing?

A landing page is a one-page site aimed at encouraging users to take an action. They are used in various areas of modern business and to solve a wide range of customer interaction tasks.

What is landing in simple words?

Simply put, a landing page is a page on which an enterprise advertises one or more goods and services, introduces their benefits, reviews of other customers and allows you to make a purchase simply by clicking on the appropriate button without clicking on the link.

How much does a landing cost?

The price of a landing page is formed from several factors, such as the complexity of functionality and structure, the complexity of developing visual elements, the complexity of layout, and so on. The cost is calculated individually for each project.

Why do you need a landing?

The main task of the landing page is to turn a simple visitor into an active buyer or subscribe to an information product. In one place, a potential customer sees everything they need about the product and can decide to take the necessary action overnight. All operations are performed directly without transitions and time losses, which is convenient for customers and companies.

Landing page creation

Sometimes people who want to learn more about the company, its products, contacts, news, and so on come to the site, while only those who want to take advantage of the offer, that is, interested users, will go to the landing page. Therefore, the content and design is different and is created according to special rules. You can order a good product that will bring tangible profits to your business and be convenient for users at Art Time Web, where quality and affordability are guaranteed for every client.

Landing page development is aimed at a specific target audience that may be interested in a business proposal. It is from its characteristics and expectations that it depends how you need to talk about the product in order to lead to a specific action – pressing a button. The presence of a button is mandatory for a landing page.

There are two main scenarios for creating a landing page:

  • AIDA – attention, interest, desire, action or attracting attention, arousing interest, arousing desire, motivation for action;
  • PMPHS – pain, more pain, hope, solution or designation of a problem, exacerbation of a problem, give hope, give a solution.

According to the presented formulas, the page structure and the algorithm of visitors’ actions are created. But their use must be competent, because, despite the proven effectiveness, if you do not calculate the intensity, the information will be intrusive, insincere, which will repel users.

The process of creating a landing page consists of several stages and, despite the seeming simplicity of the task, in order for the page to function effectively, only professionals should work on the project. Art Time Web Studio is a team of certified and experienced professionals who will create a turnkey software product of any complexity. All that the client needs is to identify the main goals and objectives of the project and approve the terms of reference. Everything else will be done by experts.

It is recommended to follow the following rules:

  • You don’t need a long page with lots of information to get your message across and engage your audience. Everything should be as compact and informative as possible, otherwise the visitor will lose interest;
  • There is no need to strive to make the text as selling as possible – this repels many;
  • Do not use too many marketing techniques and tools, it is better to show photos of the product or competitive features;
  • You don’t need to come up with a lot of benefits with dubious icons and titles. This is tiring and not interesting for users.

Making a landing page to convert all visitors into buyers is wrong and short-sighted.

In Art Time Web, specialists of various profiles are involved in the creation of landing pages, including marketers who know and are able to present a product / service in the most favorable light and encourage consumers to take expected actions. The effect of using this online tool will be noticeable in a short time, and the company’s turnover will increase significantly. To create a professional landing page is to take your business to a higher level.

Landing page price

Such services are provided by a large number of freelancers and specialized studios, and sometimes it is quite difficult to choose a performer. But it is not necessary to focus solely on the cost, since this is not an indicator of the quality of the product. To create a landing page, the price does not play a big role, which cannot be said about the qualifications and experience of the performer, which determines how the product will work, attract customers and motivate them to take action.

Ordering a landing page inexpensively in Ukraine is real – Art Time Web provides professional services for creating turnkey websites on favorable terms for each customer. Rich experience and high qualification of employees allows us to successfully implement the most complex and large-scale projects.

Landing page development price includes:

  • Drawing up a concept that ensures the achievement of the set goals: sales, advertising, brand awareness growth, subscription to news, etc.;
  • Prototyping;
  • Design development taking into account the corporate identity;
  • Complexity of functionality;
  • The cost of landing page layout.

The cost of a landing page depends on the complexity of the form, the number of screens, block packs, the number of characters for text content, the number of product cards and other aspects. Many clients place an order with their own logo, company attributes, others need to develop everything from scratch, which will undoubtedly affect the final price of the landing page.

If you make a landing page, the price of using many marketing tools is reduced, while the efficiency of activities in the virtual space is significantly increased. The benefit of contacting a specialized studio is not only that the cost of a landing page can be lower than if you involve individual performers, but also that the quality of the product will be first-class, as it has all the necessary technical and tooling equipment, experienced specialists working as a single team on the implementation of the project.

Landing structure

Under the structure understand the division of the page into separate blocks with different topics. The basic scheme includes a short offer, a description of the offer and its benefits, cost, action tool, reviews. It can be supplemented, the blocks are swapped depending on the target audience. A good landing page has a unique structure and is designed for a specific customer. It is not appropriate to use template models here, as they may not correspond to the target audience and the scope of the enterprise.

The optimal structure of a selling landing page is:

  • Introductory screen with the main idea, or what the user will get by clicking on the button. An offer or a unique selling proposition is placed here;
  • The detail screen is where the product is described. There may be several, depending on the characteristics of the product;
  • Review screens providing the most effective evidence base for the quality of the product being offered. It is not recommended to use fake reviews, ideally if users can go to the profile of a person or company;
  • Price screen. Can be placed anywhere and even multiple times;
  • FAQ screen to inform customers about the main aspects of the company, product or actions on the page;
  • Footer. Block with information about the company: contacts, details, maps with location.

Landing Design

Landing design depends on such parameters as corporate style, brand features, logos, product. Visual design concerns not only the color scheme of the page, but also the shape of icons and buttons, font and other visual elements. At the design stage, several layouts are created, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer, from which only one is selected and implemented, which was approved by the client.

For landing page design, the price depends on the complexity and complexity of the work. If it is necessary to create all visual elements from scratch, then the cost will be correspondingly higher, since in this case a corporate concept is also being developed. You can find out what you need in each specific case by contacting the specialists of the Art Time Web studio.

Responsive Landing Page

Responsive design allows the page to display correctly on all types of mobile gadgets, ensuring the convenience of smartphone and tablet users. Thus, the quiz landing will automatically adjust to the parameters of the computer screen and mobile phone display.

Responsive design is suitable for:

  • shop landing page – for selling goods of different categories. An online store landing page allows you to promote individual products, advertise new positions;
  • beauty salon landing page – allows you to sign up for certain procedures or a consultation with a specialist through a beauty salon landing page;
  • photographer’s landing page – introduces clients to offers for photo shoots, promotions, examples of work;
  • car landing page – posting photos of cars for sale, information about technical parameters. The auto parts landing page works to sell and inform about catalog products;
  • landing furniture to order – product samples, production technologies, materials used are presented. The furniture landing page allows customers to place an order for measurements;
  • tourism landing page – a travel agency landing page allows you to sell tours, inform about new destinations and hot services;
  • landing massage – landing windows with a description of services and an appointment form for a specialist;
  • real estate landing page – introduces real estate landing page with different objects, their characteristics, apply for visiting the application;
  • landing apartment renovation – services, applied technologies are presented. Landing construction allows you to call a measurer in a few minutes;
  • legal services landing page – allows you to sign up for a consultation and find out the areas of activity of a law office;
  • business landing – increases brand awareness, product landing increases sales, tourism landing allows you to quickly sell last-minute tours and subscribe to the newsletter;
  • Landing of watches – sale of expensive exclusive goods from well-known manufacturers. Landing watch is the best way of sales aimed exclusively at the target audience;
  • landing tea – offers unique blends and combinations of products for different needs, weight loss, detox;
  • customer reviews landing page – a page that increases the level of customer confidence in a brand, company, product, technology;
  • mobile landing page is an adapted design that allows you to conveniently view information and use the functional set.

It doesn’t matter if you need a mini landing page or a large volume product: a professional approach is essential. To increase the functionality of pages aimed at selling goods and services, you can develop a landing page with a shopping cart so that customers can immediately buy the product they like.

Such pages can be developed for any type of activity and for any customer requests. You can see the landing page examples of tourism, sales, services, consultation, etc. during the consultation at the Art Time Web studio, and then decide which product you need.

Selling landing page

Most often, pages are used to sell goods and services, so the structure, content and style should be aimed at encouraging the visitor to buy. The right landing page is developed using various marketing methods.

The ideal landing page is beautiful, good, attractive, and may not bring the expected result if it was designed unprofessionally. Products created by Art Time Web have a beautiful unique personalized design, load quickly and respond to visitor actions, and have the right structure. And all this at affordable prices in Ukraine.

Landing to order

Landing to order does not accept template methods – each client is unique and the approach to product implementation must be individualized according to his expectations, goals and objectives. Professional services are provided by a large team of specialists in various fields, including marketers, which allows us to guarantee not only the quality of the page, regardless of its complexity and functionality, but also that it will be attractive to customers.

A turnkey landing page is one of the services of the Art Time Web studio. Here you can order the development of sites, their optimization and promotion. The key to the success of your business is in the hands of professionals. Sign up for a consultation and learn more about everything.