Domain and hosting

Domain hosting are related concepts, but they perform different functions. Often they are found together, but it is important to understand what their difference is and what they are needed for before ordering the development and creation of a personal or corporate website. This will determine the efficiency of the resource, since in order for the site to fully work, both services are needed.

Rent hosting

For any site, regardless of its size and direction, hosting reliability and uninterrupted server operation are important. Hosting rental is a service for transferring a server to personal management for a certain period of time. The deal is formalized by an agreement that sets out the terms of lease and use of equipment.

Benefits of renting hosting


• savings on rent or purchase of equipment, premises for its placement, staff training, purchase of equipment to maintain the required microclimate;

Less worries

• a company providing hosting rental services takes full responsibility for ensuring the operability of the equipment, provides timely maintenance and replacement of worn parts;


• ensuring round-the-clock connection to the data center and high-speed Internet, stable power supply of equipment for uninterrupted operation even in force majeure conditions.


Что такое хостинг и домен?

The domain is the name of the site, and hosting is the location of the site. These services are interconnected and necessary for the life of any Internet resource.

How to transfer a domain to another hosting?

To transfer a domain, you need to log in to the registrar's platform, fill out the transfer form in the user's personal account, enter the domain name and confirm the transfer request.

How to buy a domain and hosting?

Domains are purchased from authorized registrars who have the right to create new domain names and renew existing ones.

How to link domain and hosting?

Linking a domain to hosting consists of two stages: adding a domain to the hosting server and specifying the IP address of the hosting server. This can be done in the user's personal account.

Domain and hosting in Ukraine

Domain – this is the online address of the online platform, and hosting is the place where it is stored in the virtual space. “Residence” and the name of the site cannot be acquired, but they can be rented for a certain period with the possibility of renewal. Hosting and domain in Ukraine are rented for different periods. For example, a domain can be used for at least a year, and hosting for one month. Since they are separate services, they are paid separately, but by contacting Art Time Web you can get the best conditions for hosting sites.

The site consists of many elements, text, video, photo files. Virtual hosting allows the target audience and potential visitors to see the resource, go to it, perform the necessary operations and other actions. If the site is stored on a personal computer, no one will see it, the return on its development and creation costs will be zero. Many, in order to save money, having read the information of network “specialists”, set a static IP address, but it is impossible to guarantee the full and uninterrupted operation of the resource in such conditions.

Domain and hosting in Ukraine from Art Time Web will get rid of any functional problems, as it includes the most reliable elements for Internet platforms, regardless of architecture, structure complexity, volume of planned operations and other functional aspects. Services from professionals are:

  • software setup;
  • better uptime;
  • reliable and secure Internet channel;
  • Professional 24/7 support and assistance

Find out which hosting is suitable for your site, and under what conditions it can be rented profitably by contacting the managers of the ATW studio.

Move domain to another hosting

If the site has been working for a long time, but if you want to switch to more favorable hosting rental conditions, this is not difficult to do and does not take much time: a few days. Such transfers are quite a common practice and are caused by various reasons.

Transferring a site from one hosting to another consists of two stages. The first will be the preparatory work for the transfer of the old registrar, and the second will be the registration of the application with the new one. The requirements for the procedure are standard and apply to everyone:

  • generic domains (gTLDs) – .net, .com, .biz, .org, .info;
  • new generic domains (new gTLDs) – .school, .club, .shop, .hub;
  • national domains (some) –, .ua, .io, .co, .me.

It is not allowed to transfer a site from hosting to hosting if less than 60 days have passed since the registration of a new domain or the last transfer. There are cases when a new registrar allows the operation to be carried out, but an error occurs in the system, and the domain remains on the same hosting until the expiration of the established period. Also, the new registrar may be transferred if the old registrar has not yet passed the validity period after the last renewal. Therefore, before initiating the procedure, it is recommended to find out the exact conditions of the transfer from both operators.

The transfer process looks like this:

  • domain unlocking (the lock is set to protect against theft by fraudsters);
  • obtaining a transfer code from the old registrar;
  • checkout with a new operator;
  • immediate transfer to a new host.

The transfer and launch procedure can take about 5-6 days. At this time, the site will be functional, but in some cases, when the public DNS servers of the old operator are used, after the transfer, the resource may stop opening. The programmers of the Art Time Web studio will ensure the functionality of the platform and minimize the possible consequences of the procedure.

Hosting choice

Choosing a hosting for a website is a difficult task, since there are several types of services from which you need to choose the one that will cover all the needs of a particular Internet resource. At the initial stage, it is necessary to determine the scope of tasks and configuration. This will allow you to select the optimal equipment, access channels, infrastructure and other elements.

There are several types of hosting:

  • shared (virtual) – the service involves the sharing of the server by a large number of clients. In this case, the power and resources of the server will be evenly distributed among users, so this solution will be optimal for small projects such as personal pages, business card sites, landing pages, and so on. But as the growth of the Internet resource develops, performance may drop, so if the platform was launched with growth prospects, this option is not suitable;
  • VSP is a virtual private server. Although in this case the client shares the server’s capacity with other users, each of them has a reserved space with dedicated resources, processing power and memory. Thus, any risks associated with servicing neighboring resources are minimized;
  • Dedicated server – cloud hosting is one of the most reliable on the market. The service provides access to a cluster of servers on which backup copies of the client’s site are created. If one of the servers experiences functional problems, traffic is automatically and instantly redirected to another functioning server.

Thus, the choice of hosting and domain is carried out not only on the basis of the cost of services, the most affordable of which is virtual, and the most expensive cloud hosting. You also need to analyze the scale of the Internet project, the complexity of its architecture and functionality.

Experts of “Art Time Web” recommend in the process of choosing a hosting in Ukraine to pay attention to such nuances as the quality of the operator’s technical support and the speed of response and resolution of emerging problems and the availability of equipment, the availability of backup channels.

Setting up hosting

Setting up a server for hosting is an important service that determines the functionality of an Internet resource, as an incorrect setting can affect the visibility of the site on the network. The initial functions are set automatically, but in order for the site to display and work correctly, additional steps must be taken. Domain and hosting settings depend on the selected tariff plan, and all functions are set through the control panel.

There are two protocols for storing files on a server, FTP and SSH. Functionally, they do not differ in the quality of the settings, but they differ significantly in the level of security, and the second and more expensive.

Setting up an FTP server for hosting takes several minutes and you need to get a set of basic data from the provider. They are usually contained in a letter with other settings that comes to the client after purchasing a hosting account. You can also contact support for information. This data includes:

  • Host or server name;
  • Protocol;
  • Port through which files are transferred;
  • Connection type;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Operating mode (active, passive);
  • Ability to connect simultaneously (recommended no more than 8 from one IP address).

You can set up a web server for hosting on your own or seek the help of specialists from the Art Time Web studio.

Hosting for an online store

Business in the virtual space is very profitable, so many companies open online stores where they can offer goods and services to a wider audience at better prices. For such platforms, it is important not only to have a professionally designed website, but also to place it on the right hosting. This ensures the speed of loading pages, performing operations and the security of the system.

Installing WordPress on hosting can happen automatically when ordering a domain with hosting, as well as for already registered domains. The procedure is also available in manual mode if the domain is added to the control panel. Art Time Web specialists will provide the best working conditions for your site, and for this it is enough to contact the studio for advice and professional help.