Web application development

Web application development allows you to quickly and inexpensively solve a wide range of tasks and ensure effective interaction with customers around the clock.

Stages of web application development

Web development goes through several stages. The implementation of the project begins with the creation of the TOR and the development of the concept of the application for mobile devices. Next, page layouts are created, their layout, content filling, testing and launching the product on the web. For the result to be pleasing, attractive and cost-effective, it is important that all work is carried out by professional programmers with extensive experience in creating such products.

Areas of application of web applications

• purchase of goods and services;

• ticket booking;

• social networks;

• online education;


What is a web application?

A web application is a site that performs a specific function using a web browser as a client. The complexity of the application architecture depends on the purpose of the resource, its volume and individual wishes of the customer.

What do web applications write on?

Different programming languages are used to create web applications, depending on the system, logic and architecture. The most popular are Java, Python, PHP, C #, Go, Ruby, Node.JS. Professionals choose the best option, depending on what the final product should be and what functions to perform.

Web application development

Doing business in the Internet space – new realities to which you need to adapt if you want to increase the profitability of the enterprise. A web application is not the same as a regular website, but a full-fledged software with various interactive elements that can be applied to any field of activity.

Art Time Web studio services are available to all categories of clients in Ukraine, and the created applications are functional, convenient and competitive.

Yii Web Application Development

Yii is an effective PHP-based framework capable of creating web applications with different structures in a short time. They are versatile, lightweight and have modern caching tools. Therefore, the architecture of the web application can be quite complex, the resource is designed for high traffic, including e-commerce portals.

The development of the Yii web application architecture provides a wider range of features, quality documentation. The framework was created specifically for application development, so it can provide all the functional requirements, security, utilitarianism, both for users and customers. Intuitive structure, interaction of elements providing heredity of high characteristics and other properties favorably distinguish this framework from others. And by contacting ATW, customers receive a high-quality product that can be edited and administered on favorable terms.