The development of online stores is popular because it is much more profitable in the business network than in the usual physical and geographical space. So there is no need to pay for rent, salaries to many employees, a variety of services. As a result, the cost of the same product can vary greatly, becoming available to many customers. In addition, shopping in the online store can be done from anywhere in the world, around the clock and with delivery to the address, which is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Who will benefit from the online store?

Many people order an online store as a supplement to the existing one, with a physical location, because often in the limited space of the usual outlet you can not always put the whole list of goods, and to find out the characteristics of the position of interest, you need to attract the attention of a consultant. The virtual version allows you to publish any number of products, give them a detailed description, allow customers to pay for purchases at any time of day in different ways, which significantly increases capital turnover and increases the profitability of any commercial and industrial activities.

The main advantage of an online store

Creating an online store in Ukraine offers almost endless possibilities, regardless of the goods and products sold. This resource can have a catalog of various volumes and many useful features for users, which will determine the ease of use and the desire to order the necessary products regularly. But for the platform to bring a real stable and good income, the creation of an online store must be carried out by professionals. Art Time Web Studio will develop and create a functional turnkey product for sellers and manufacturers in the best conditions in Ukraine.


How to create an online store?

Since the creation of an online store is a complex and multi-stage task, development and creation should be done by specialists. However, the customer works closely with the developers at the stage of creating a brief and terms of reference, which ensures the receipt of the finished product that fully meets its requirements.

How to open an online store in Ukraine?

To open an online store in Ukraine, you need to order the development and creation of a platform and purchase a domain and hosting. Learn more about the stages of starting an online business in the Art Time Web studio.

How much does it cost to create an online store?

The cost of the platform for the sale of goods and services depends on the structure, scope and complexity of the task. The price of each site is calculated individually, as there are no identical solutions.

Creating an online store

Online store development consists of several stages and is carried out in close cooperation with the customer, to obtain not only a functional site, but a resource that will be well positioned in search engines, will be able to attract and retain potential buyers and form a large base of regular customers. To make the project successful and profitable, a team of specialists of various profiles is working on its implementation: from programmers and typesetters to marketers.

Create an online store price

When creating an online store, price is not the main criterion that determines the quality, but only the professionalism and mastery of technology, the team involved in the project. Regardless of the size and complexity of the structure of a commercial site, the work goes through several mandatory stages:

  • analysis of business and market niche;
  • concept development and platform prototyping;
  • resource design development;
  • page layout;
  • launch the finished site

The cost of developing an online store can vary due to several factors, such as the number of pages or functionality. Art Time Web does not use template solutions, and each site is designed and created individually, offering customers a unique product not only in design and design, but also concept. Adaptive design makes it possible to buy from any PC and mobile gadget, while maintaining the functionality and correctness of the work and display of content.

In the turnkey online store, the price includes all work steps, site optimization operations and ensuring the best positions in the search query. In order for the site to be easy to perceive, provide easy navigation, have a pleasant and clear interface, which motivates visitors to buy, it is necessary that all work is performed by certified experienced professionals. Therefore, the cost of an online store can not be very low, and this should alert the attentive and critical customer. To find out the price of a commercial site according to individual requirements and requests, just consult with the specialists of the Art Time Web studio.

ATW, in addition to the best price for the online store, guarantees:

  • premium resource quality for customers working in various areas of modern business;
  • quality SEA optimization and improvement of competitive positions;
  • Convenience of managing the online store and administrative panel so that the necessary actions are performed
  • employees without special training;
  • increase sales and turnover of goods, which guarantees a stable and high income;
  • wide coverage of the target audience and optimal mechanisms for attracting and localizing new customers;
  • multifunctional marketing for successful advertising campaigns, promotions, promos, bonuses, contests;
  • adaptive layout for mobile customers;
  • post-project maintenance.

Thus, the low cost of creating an online store includes powerful marketing tools and technologies that will determine the success of the Internet. When designing an online store, the price of the Art Time Web studio team includes a high level of usability, so that each visitor can perform the necessary targeted actions easily and effortlessly. Such adjustment to real business processes is aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of the customer, ensuring maximum return from each user. Therefore, if you need to create an inexpensive online store, but with extremely high efficiency, ATW is the best solution in Ukraine.

Create a turnkey online store

The development of a turnkey online store is a set of actions to create commercial sites that ensure the implementation of all stages of work, from design to launch of the product after comprehensive testing. This site does not require modifications, additional settings or adjustments and is ready to use immediately. That is, all the functionality is configured, the layout is integrated, external and technical optimization is carried out. All operations on filling the goods cards can be performed by the customer without much effort, as well as further administration of the platform.

Thus, the creation of turnkey online stores by Art Time Web studio is:

  • a comprehensive solution with a single management without the need to involve third-party contractors;
  • focus on the needs, requirements and wishes of the customer and the target audience;
  • professionally designed project and terms of reference;
  • team work of highly qualified specialists of various profiles;
  • compliance with contractual guarantees and deadlines.

Online Services Store

Online stores can offer a wide range of goods and services. They are a great solution for small companies and large corporations, so there are several types of such platforms:

branded – a site of one manufacturer, created taking into account the style and design of the brand. When developing, you need to take into account if the customer is a manufacturer or distributor, which provides a different approach to solving the development of an online store of spare parts, clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc .;
multi-brand – such a project sells products of different brands and manufacturers, so it is necessary to provide convenient navigation. They can be aimed at a certain category of products, such as the development of an online store of spare parts for repairing the engine or chassis or parts for full maintenance of the machine from different manufacturers;
wholesale – intended for sale to wholesale customers. Such platforms can be ordered by a single manufacturer to sell their own products, as well as merchants who unite many manufacturers within one platform;
retail – targeted end users.

Online service stores can be multi-page with a complex structure or simple landing – the determining factor is efficiency. ATW knows how to make a website profitable and create it on better terms.

Order online store

Now you can order an online store whose price is affordable for all categories of customers in Ukraine in the studio of development and creation of sites of different orientations and volumes of Art Time Web. Ready-made solutions are not used here, but each project is approached individually. Therefore, sites created by specialists are guaranteed to be successful, occupy good positions in search engines and are interesting for buyers.