Creating a chatbot for Viber

Chat bot for Viber is used in various areas of business, be it support service, online store, companies providing different types of services. The development and implementation of a virtual assistant easily replaces the work of several employees, and thus saves money.

Advantages of Viber bot

Viber bots can work without being tied to a specific site, allowing you to do business without unnecessary investments, and promote your products and services as successfully as possible.

Creating a chat bot on Viber

Creating a Viber bot, unlike robots for other social networks and messengers, is done independently, as there are no ready-made template solutions. You can use different programming languages ​​for this, but if you do not know them, it is recommended to contact the specialists of the Art Time Web programming studio in Ukraine.

Messenger is installed on both mobile gadgets and personal computers, which provides maximum functionality. Creating a chat bot for Viber and using it is possible after creating a management account, that is, after registering on the platform. Then you need to select the resource ID, category, language, resource description, contact information, location. In addition, if the services or products are intended for adults only, it is necessary to indicate that the content is not recommended for children.

After creating a Viber bot, which is equipped with a standard set of features, with the help of experts you can expand the functionality and set it the parameters you need to ensure the success of doing business online. In ATW you can order an individual bot for your requirements and get it on the most favorable terms.

Viber chat bot development

This bot is the fastest and most convenient way to communicate with customers, register orders, provide real-time advice, around the clock, showing maximum customer care.

Programs allow you to make mass mailings to promote goods, services, brands, applications, which is practical for businesses of all directions and sizes. By contacting ATW, everyone will receive the set of functional characteristics that will ensure maximum profitability.