Creating a chatbot

Chat bot is a specialized computer program that is used to automate the process of communicating with customers in various areas of online business.

Who will benefit from a chatbot?

This bot will be useful, both for owners of large sites, to optimize communication with customers, and visitors themselves, who need to quickly get an answer to their question.

The main advantages of chatbots for business

Customer service

Provide initial contact with potential buyers and provide easy assistance in navigating the site, finding contacts, filling out online applications;

Implementation of e-commerce goods and services

Used by both retail companies and large providers to interact with customers. They provide easy passage through the linear flow of requests and transactions, determining the effectiveness of operations;

Help in various chats

Such assistants are very popular and implemented in almost all spheres of consumer life. They provide instant information to people on specific topics, simulating human conversation and similar intellectual behavior.


What is a chat bot?

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that automatically answers a standard set of questions, helps you navigate the online platform, and performs other predefined interactive features.

How to write a bot for the site?

Only professional programmers who own various technologies, including artificial intelligence, can develop and create the most effective bot.

How to create a bot chat?

In order for the developed chat bot to ensure the effectiveness of customer actions and the implementation of the target operation, it is necessary to go through several stages, from compiling a brief in which the customer specifies all functional requirements, to creating, implementing and testing robots.

Creating a chat bot

Such robots are a form of virtual verbal artificial intelligence designed to simplify and increase the effectiveness of communication. They have a set of standard answers to various questions, which can be quite simple or complex, depending on the topic and the purpose of its application. Developing a chat bot is a complex job that requires special knowledge and knowledge of the features and behavioral characteristics of the target audience of the site, so it requires a professional solution. In Ukraine, qualified services are provided by the Art Time Web studio, which can create a robot for any functional request.

A bot chat is not just a program that performs a previously set set of actions. They imitate real conversations and understand the language, not just react to certain commands. This is possible through the use of AI, that is, after each communication, they become smarter and their help is more effective. In addition, they do not need to rest and can interact with users around the clock. This not only ensures the profitability of doing business online, but also saves staff work in several shifts. Thus, by contacting ATW, you can not only ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise, regardless of the field of activity, but also significantly reduce resource costs.

Chat bot for the site and its implementation in analytical solutions allow you to expand the possibilities of interaction with the target audience, namely:

  • request and describe different data sets automatically;
  • analyze and summarize oral inquiries;
  • Respond to a specific user request and offer additional information based on previous requests and specified templates.

In addition, chatbots are also used because they ensure maximum security of confidential information, prevent cyberattacks, fraud and attempts to steal passwords or money. However, in order for the robot to provide maximum safety, it is important to turn to professionals. It is not possible for programmers who work individually to create a chat bot, as the task is quite complex and a team of highly qualified professionals is working on its implementation. By contacting the Art Time Web, you can get the perfect assistant on affordable terms, and the chat bot robot will provide fast and cost-effective activities in the online space.

Development of a chat bot, price in Ukraine

Chatbots are based on many technologies: artificial intelligence, automatic rule setting, live speech processing, machine learning, data processing and providing answers to a wide range of questions. Therefore, the price of creating a chat bot is complex and consists of individual operations for the development, creation and implementation of the robot, as well as testing and adjustment and adaptation.

At ATW you can order:

  • declarative chat bot – a robot that performs only one specified function: standard answers to questions in the form of dialogue. It is suitable for support services, interactive services and other platforms. Chatbots of this type are limited in functionality;
  • predictive chatbots are digital or virtual assistants. They have extensive opportunities for interaction and personalized analysis of consumers and forecasting their actions. Robots recognize human speech, learn quickly, use analytics to personalize the user and his specific behavior. As a result, the program studies the nature of customers and can predict their needs in the near future, which ensures maximum efficiency of system implementation.

You can order a modern and smart assistant in Ukraine in the Art Time Web studio, which will offer the best conditions for cooperation and guarantee a focus on results, regardless of the direction of activity or complexity of the project.

Chat bot online

Many of the questions or difficulties of users and site visitors are fairly easy to resolve, so it is often not advisable to have an individual staff member who will answer standard typical questions. Chat with a bot is the best alternative. In addition, it performs analytics and data sorting in automatic mode almost instantly, which saves a lot of time and money.

Virtual chat is a popular solution for social networks and mobile applications, as today most online visits come from portable gadgets. With the increasing frequency of using messengers, their role in ensuring the effectiveness of the company’s interaction with consumers is indispensable.

Chat bot in Russian

Chat bot provides interactivity with customers in different languages: it all depends on the requirements and wishes of the customer. Chat bot in English, Russian, Ukrainian, German and other languages ​​may be needed by companies that are focused not only on the domestic but also the international market. At ATW, you can order the development of a virtual assistant in different languages, which will provide the most effective interaction with existing customers and potential audience.