Corporate site

The company's corporate website is a modern business card of the company. This is a showcase through which customers, partners and employees look at the company. Therefore, it is important that it be colorful and festively decorated to attract everyone who came to the page.

Who will benefit from a corporate website?

The development of corporate websites is one of the key elements of modern business and a mandatory attribute of any company, regardless of direction, form of organization or size.

Advantages of a corporate site

The advantages of creating a corporate website are obvious: to give interested parties complete information about the company in one place and firsthand. The structure can be different, depending on the goals, objectives and wishes of the client.


What is a corporate website?

A corporate website is an Internet platform that provides all information about the company, its products and services, advantages, features, successes, contacts, and so on. Thus, we can say that such a platform is a complete online presentation of the company and an effective platform for self-promotion and demonstration of achievements.

How much does it cost to make a corporate website?

The cost of creating a corporate website is determined individually after drawing up a brief based on the identified goals and objectives, structure, volume, and areas of activity.

Why do you need a corporate website?

A corporate website is necessary to familiarize potential customers, partners, employees with the company, its activities, ambitions, development plans, products and other important data, both about the organization and goods and services.

What is included in a corporate website?

The structure of a corporate site may be different. As a rule, the platform contains a presentation page about the company (history, missions, values, plans), a personal account of clients and employees, a section with up-to-date information and news, information about products, production lines, forms for instant interactive contacts and communication methods, application forms and payments, etc.

Development of a corporate website

The company’s website is somewhat different from other resources, as it not only has a clear structure, but also contains a certain category of information about the company’s activities. The resource should consist of several pages, which will acquaint the visitor with the company / brand, its history, activities, catalog, contact information. That is, it is a representative of the organization on the Internet.

The presence of such a platform is an indicator of high status, good reputation, proof of the development of corporate culture, openness and customer focus. But do not confuse the creation of corporate sites with business card sites, as the content and purpose they are fundamentally different. The resource of the enterprise is first of all an effective and accessible tool of acquainting users with all necessary and useful information about the company. It has many useful features for targeting, managing trade, interacting with customers and partners, and more.

The approximate structure of the sections of the Internet platform of the enterprise is as follows:

  • about the company;
  • internal and external news of the enterprise;
  • tools for interaction with visitors: interactive chats, application forms, feedback forms, contacts;
  • commercial section – catalog of products, services, order forms and delivery;
  • list of clients and partners, reviews;
  • portfolio and case studies;
  • documentation: licenses, permits, diplomas, articles of association.

In Art Time Web it is possible to order a resource of any orientation, complexity, functionality and volume on favorable terms. The best professionals of Ukraine work here, who can realize the most daring and difficult tasks, as they perfectly master modern techniques and tools of programming and Internet marketing.

Corporate site, price

The price for creating a corporate website is affordable and depends only on the complexity of the architecture and the tasks that must be solved as a result of launching an Internet project. Many customers choose small business card sites, but this format is somewhat outdated, and users have become more sophisticated and demanding. Therefore, often neither sales nor traffic on such platforms reach the expected level.

In order for the cost of developing a corporate website to pay off in full in a short time, and the resource began to bring tangible and stable profits, it is necessary to change the direct approach to the concept of the platform and model of goods and services. ATW focuses primarily on the customer and his needs, so that he received complete information about the company, but it will be easy to perceive and motivate to target actions.

Stages of corporate site development:

  • drafting a brief in which the customer highlights the goals, objectives, requirements and special wishes that must be implemented during the launch of the Internet project;
  • drafting the terms of reference;
  • resource structure development;
  • creating an original design based on the existing corporate style or developing new stylistic solutions;
  • programming;
  • filling the pages of all sections with relevant information, external and internal optimization;
  • upload the finished project for hosting and launch it;
  • Functional testing and making necessary adjustments as needed.

In order for the project implementation to be effective, it is necessary to precisely define the tasks of the corporate website at the initial stage: search for new clients, partners, sponsors; promotion of goods and services; help and advice; raising the status, rating and reputation and more. Tasks may differ depending on the direction of the enterprise, its size, ambitions, prospects, but always have an image color and highlight their competitive advantages.

The brief on the creation of a corporate website is a kind of instruction for the executor, which is compiled by the customer. It describes what the finished product should look like and what it should contain. This gives a clear understanding of the project to both parties, the ability to assess the resources needed to implement the project, the time and cost of developing and creating a site. Also the executor having got acquainted with the questionnaire filled in by the customer deeply understands specificity of activity of the client and can correctly define the tool and functional complex for achievement of the set tasks.

Since no two companies are the same, even if they operate in the same niche market and have similar products, the structure of a corporate website may be different. In some cases, you can limit yourself to a few pages, in others, the volume and structure may be more complex. What it will look like is decided at the stage of project development, in which both parties are working closely together. Art Time Web specialists prepare several layouts of the resource, and the one approved by the customer is used. The benefits of a corporate website developed by the studio staff will be felt by the client in a short time, as experts know how to create effective and successful Internet platforms.

Turnkey corporate website

Creating a corporate website requires a comprehensive approach to solving the development, optimization and launch of the project. Turnkey services include:

  • creating a brief and agreeing on the goals and objectives of the resource;
  • development of the TOR with the subsequent coordination and approval by the customer;
  • architecture development;
  • creating a prototype (layout);
  • CMS installation;
  • creating unique textual and graphical content and placing it on relevant pages;
  • launch the site;
  • Regular maintenance and technical support.

All these actions require professional training of the performer, mastery of various technical tools and competent marketing. Therefore, in the Art Time Web, a whole team of specialists of different profiles work together on each project, which guarantees the creation of an effective and profitable resource.

Order a corporate website

To increase the reputation and rating of the company, customer loyalty and trust of partners, you need to order a corporate website only from professionals. The cost of turnkey development is affordable for every businessman in Ukraine and you should not take risks in search of unreasonably cheap and services of dubious quality.

Behind the shoulders of ATW studio specialists are many successfully developed and implemented projects of varying complexity and complexity. Here you can clearly see how professionals work and what their results are. The tariff line is available, but each customer can count on an individual approach to pricing. Find out more by signing up for a consultation.