Business card site

If you need a stable flow of customers, consistent profit growth, the best positions in search results - here you will be offered the best conditions for creating a business card site in English, Ukrainian, Russian and take into account all the wishes to achieve goals and objectives.

The usefulness of the business card site

You don't need a significant investment to become visible and accessible to your potential online users. A simple business card site is the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses, but large corporations also choose this format to promote certain products or services. Such a small introductory platform has proven its effectiveness in attracting new customers, increasing sales and increasing brand awareness and trust.

Business card site structure


Basic information about the company


Contact information


Catalog of services and goods


Other pages-sections, depending on the specifics of the enterprise


What is a business card site?

A business card site is a small online resource with several pages (average 5-7, but there are platforms with one page or large up to 15 pages) which contain a concise form of information about the owner, his products or services, provide convenient tools for purchasing them. contacts and other user-friendly data.

How much does a business card site cost?

The cost of services for the development and creation of turnkey business card sites depends on such factors as the required functionality and complexity of the structure. In each case, the final price is calculated individually.

What does a business card site look like?

A business card site is a small project with a concise design, a minimal functional set and a concise amount of information about the company / frequent person, the offered goods or services.

Creating a business card site

For a business to be successful and profitable, it is necessary to be represented not only in the physical space, but also in the virtual one. The current reality is that people are looking for all the necessary information about goods and services on the Internet, and if your company is not there, you risk remaining unrecognized for most of the target audience. As a result, invisible companies can not withstand fierce competition and disappear.

You can order a cheap business card site in Ukraine in Art Time Web. Professionals with extensive experience in the development and creation of Internet resources with a structure of varying complexity and complexity work here. Finished products are optimized and effective right from the moment of launch.

Business card development

As the name implies, the business card site is a small Internet platform, which summarizes the most important information for users. However, it is not always informational. With the help of such a platform you can carry out very successful advertising campaigns, promote certain products and services.

Many customers mistakenly believe that it does not take much time or any special manipulations to create a business card site. This is not the case, because the effectiveness of the project depends on many factors, which, if not taken into account, will make the most interesting resource with a bright and colorful design, a useless investment.

The development and creation process includes:

  • comprehensive market and business niche research to analyze the competitive environment, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the project;
  • development of design taking into account usability, commercial tools and functional convenience;
  • layout and adaptation for correct display of the site not only on PC monitors, but also on displays of smartphones and tablets;
  • testing and detection of errors, shortcomings and their correction;
  • start the project.

All actions are carried out on the basis of the brief filled in by the customer at the first stage of works. It indicates not only what the required structure of the platform and its functionality, but also the solution of what tasks and goals it should provide. Also at the stage of filling the brief, the client provides basic information about himself and his business, which allows the specialist to determine what marketing mechanisms need to be used to optimize, promote products or services and attract the target audience.

Business card site: price in Ukraine

Order a business card site cheaply in Art Time Web. A large staff of graduates of various profiles have extensive experience in implementing projects in various fields. Here you can get an original product, with good design, unique design and optimized content on the best conditions in Ukraine. The cost of the business card site is quite affordable and you do not need to save on business growth.

Technology business card site

On the WordPress website, the business card is presented in many template options. It is also common for small business owners to look for a business card on the Joomla website. Such a solution has a right to exist and everyone decides for themselves what is best to promote their business, but if you need a functional product that will lead the search engine, will be interesting to users and motivate them to purchase goods or services – this is the work of professional web developers .

The WordPress business card site is interesting and attractive for many who do not want to pay for a unique and original design. It is suitable for those companies that already have a customer database and need to provide them with a convenient platform for recording appointments, services and other simple manipulations. But if the purpose of the resource is to attract and promote – this option is not suitable.

Turnkey business card site

Development of a business card site for a designer, masseur, manicure specialist, etc., a complex process that requires analysis of various factors and a clear vision of the tasks of the resource. Turnkey creation consists of several stages, whether it is a one-page resource or a platform with a more complex structure.

One-page business card site

The main operations for the development and creation of small turnkey projects include:

  • filling in the brief and creating a technical task based on it;
  • design development taking into account the specifics of the customer’s activities. This is the most cost-effective way to highlight the benefits and list of services of a lawyer on the business card site, as well as representatives of other official professions;
  • work on integration with the management system;
  • layout and testing of the site of the business card of a photographer, electrician, car mechanic, etc .;
  • implementation of the agreed and approved by the client functionality. The site of the programmer’s business card is not much different in its functionality from the platform for people who provide other types of services or offer to buy certain categories of goods: it all depends on what the customer wants to get out;
  • filling with unique text and graphic content. The website of the business card maker should be as informative and attractive as the resource for promoting the services of an animator or holiday organizer. Effective optimization is important for each resource;
  • domain registration and hosting;
  • technical support. If the website of a web developer’s business card can be serviced by the owner himself, then for customers who do not have special knowledge, but want the resource to work smoothly, regular technical support services are needed.

Types of business card sites

There are two types of business card sites: a mini-site, which shows goods and services and their prices, and a classic platform for individuals or companies that reflect the main benefits of their activities, products and services. All, regardless of the number of pages, simplicity of structure and conciseness of design, require a professional approach to their development and implementation.

Order a business card site

The portfolio of the Art Time Web studio includes many successfully implemented projects for individuals providing various types of services and large corporations. Here they create turnkey unique platforms that operate on the Internet of Ukraine and beyond. Regardless of the complexity of the tasks, a professional individual approach to each customer allows you to create platforms that work together, have an adaptive design for correct display on mobile gadgets and, with timely service, occupy a good position in the issue.

To order a business card for the site, it is enough to contact the studio managers and make an appointment at a convenient time for a consultation. After discussing all the requirements for the project, the cost of services and the time required to complete the work are calculated. Both parameters will be a pleasant surprise, as the conditions of cooperation with Art Time Web are the most favorable in Ukraine.