Website redesign

Since the Internet space is quite dynamic and subject to frequent functional changes, it may subsequently be necessary to rebrand the Internet resource, updating its appearance, functions, structure, content and other components. For this situation, the Art Time Web web studio offers a website redesign service

Why is a redesign necessary?

Website redesign acts as one of the fundamental conditions for the high competitiveness of the platform, its good usability, relevance and optimization of content and structure improvement, which ultimately increases the attractiveness for potential customers.

Site redesign stages

• full resource audit;

• usability analysis;

• development of a design update project and its functional modules;

• filling pages with new relevant content;


Is it a website redesign?

A website redesign is a complex of specialized works to update the design, functionality, and informative component of a resource that is morally outdated or has ceased to be attractive and interesting for users. The objective of the procedure is to restore competitiveness and create a more convenient, intuitive and attractive site for visitors.

How much does a website redesign cost?

The cost of redesigning a site depends on many factors, including: structure, number of pages, the nature and extent of changes, the need to add new features, and so on. Therefore, the final price for each project is calculated individually.

How to do a website redesign?

Since redesign is a multi-component and multi-stage analytical and operational task, it is recommended to contact specialists. They can identify weak points and eliminate them using modern programming techniques.

Website redesign in Ukraine

It is recommended to contact Art Time Web for professional and affordable help if:

  • the resource has been working for a long time and has not been updated;
  • structure, functionality, design outdated;
  • you need to implement additional functions, elements, components;
  • as a result of rebranding, the company changed its name, corporate style, logo and other corporate attributes;
  • the desire to follow the new trends of the World Wide Web and create a modern, dynamic and most attractive platform focused on a specific target audience;
  • visitors choose other sites because of the inconvenient interface and difficult navigation;
  • competitors have more attractive and interesting resources;
  • need to expand and complicate the structure.

It is possible to order in Ukraine the redesign of an online store, business card website, landing page and other small and large virtual platforms profitably and within the optimal time frame in the Art Time Web studio. Here they know what needs to be done to make your business flourish and work autonomously with minimal interference in the management process.

Website redesign price

The redesign includes a whole range of analytical and operational tasks, the number of which depends on the size of the resource, the complexity of the structure and the set of required modifications. Therefore, the cost of redesigning the site in each case is calculated individually for a separate project. But ATW has the most favorable rates in Ukraine, and they will pleasantly surprise small business owners, as well as large corporations.

TOR for website redesign

  • planning – the formulation of tasks and goals;
  • filling in the brief for the website redesign;
  • resource structure definition;
  • concept development;
  • drawing up the TOR that the working group focuses on.

After drawing up the TOR, designers develop page layouts and graphic elements. After the layout, programming and assembly of the site, external and internal optimization is performed. The final step is testing the functionality. This algorithm determines the quality, convenience, functionality of the site and its ability to attract new customers. To get a first-class software product on the most favorable terms in Ukraine, contact the ATW studio.

Order website redesign

Where can I order a website redesign to get a guaranteed high result at good rates? Art Time Web employs experienced professionals who develop and create websites and applications for mobile gadgets from scratch. They also rehabilitate old Internet resources, providing them with an active second life with high profitability. It is not always advisable to abandon a once popular resource that has a good customer base. It is enough to make a redesign and improve the functionality, which is easier, faster and cheaper than developing from scratch.