UI/UX design

Web design UI UX is the development of a friendly user interface that not only attracts new customers with its simplicity and convenience, but also increases the loyalty of regular customers. in addition, it is this approach that can create the basis for a consistently high profit of commercial resources.

UI/UX Design Goals

The purpose of the combination of these tools is to motivate the user to perform a targeted action, since UI UX web design is about designing the most convenient and aesthetic interfaces.

Main stages of UI/UX design

• analysis of the market, competitors, characteristics of consumers;

• development of the structure;

• creation of a prototype;

• conducting functional tests and making adjustments;


UX design is it?

UX design is about developing prototypes of user behavior, studying their habits and needs, and, in accordance with these data, creating a unique web product that would be convenient for users and motivate them to perform a targeted action.

UI/UX designer is it?

A UI/UX designer is a specialist who knows how to competently combine the maximum convenience for users and the effective achievement of business goals and objectives in one Internet project. This is achieved by analyzing the specific behavior of the target audience, the competitive environment and the use of various marketing tools.

How is UI different from UX?

UX is the creation of interfaces based on the received user experience and consumer behavior, and UI is the physical embodiment of the developed UX interface, that is, work with design and graphic elements.

UI/UX design development

A well-thought-out application design is one of the most important factors determining the success of an Internet project, regardless of the direction of activity.

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UX is a term that indicates the impression that a visitor gets from interacting with the site (user experience), and UI refers to the characteristics of the user interface, that is, how the resource looks and the usability of functional elements.

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UI/UX designer

A UI UX designer is a creative specialist whose job is to design user-friendly and beautiful interfaces. Although these are two separate areas of web design, their combination allows you to get a product that is unique in its beauty and intuitiveness. The more convenient and pleasant the resource, the more motivated users are to act, which means that the goals and objectives set are achieved efficiently and without much effort.

A UX designer works not only on the graphic part of applications, but also studies user habits and develops behavioral prototypes. In addition, he also performs many marketing functions, creates harmonious links between interface components and develops technical specifications for copywriters aimed at achieving specific business project objectives.

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