Mobile Application Design

Web design of mobile applications in the web studio Art Time Web is performed using modern tools in compliance with the characteristics of consumer behavior, expectations and preferences.

We develop modern application design

The best mobile app design comes from UX/UI development. At the UX stage, specialists think over the algorithm of actions on the platform in accordance with the behavioral characteristics of the target audience. At this stage, extensive analytical work is carried out, which allows creating the most convenient software product with an intuitive and friendly interface. UI design consists in the graphic design of pages: a combination of shades, font size and format, icons, buttons, animation blocks, advertising blocks, and more. At the final stage, an adaptive design is performed to correctly display pages on all gadgets.

What do we do for this

• Analysis of the mass and characteristics of the target audience, the competitive environment to determine the strengths and weaknesses;

• Designing a software prototype (creating a template) - the basic functional elements and blocks are determined, and their location on the page and the way to interact with them;

• Immediate design development is the creation of a unique visual and graphic style. The design of Android mobile applications is carried out with a thorough study of each element, the specifics of the application and the range of tasks that must be solved. At this stage, designers work closely with the customer to understand what they want to get at the output, and what needs to be done for this;

• Design control to check the correct execution of all design elements of Android applications - the interface works correctly, and the pages are displayed correctly on different gadgets. This allows you to make the necessary changes in time, ensuring the quality of the final product and reducing the project implementation time.


Application design, where to start?

The design of mobile applications begins with filling out a brief, which defines the requirements for the finished product, what goals and tasks it must fulfill. Based on it, he develops a TOR for creating an application, including the software design stage.

Creation of design for mobile applications

Most network logins are made from smartphones or tablets. The freedom to use mobile gadgets, practicality, convenience and the implementation of a wide range of tasks motivate to use them anytime and anywhere. Therefore, today thousands of applications on various topics are created every month, through which you can purchase goods and services, order groceries, play sports, get an education, and much more. Based on this, the design of applications acts as one of the most important factors determining the usability and performance of the target action.

You can order a professional design of mobile applications in Ukraine that will meet not only aesthetic, but also functional and technical requirements at the best rates and in a short time in the Art Time Web studio. Experienced programmers, designers, marketers, layout designers and other specialists work here, who, working together at all stages of project implementation, can create a unique, cost-effective and attractive product.

ATW is commissioned to design applications for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Structure, direction, volume and other parameters are not important if the project is implemented by professionals. If at the same time the final cost of services is affordable, the customer, contractor and user will be extremely satisfied.

IOS app design

Android and iOS application design is the creation of a mobile version of the site, the functionality of which is fully adapted to the behavior and characteristics of the use of consumers. Everything should be not only harmonious, but also convenient and practical, otherwise, the visitor will no longer return and will not perform the target action. Thus, design development always begins with an analysis of the behavioral characteristics of the target audience. The designer must think over and make convenient the algorithm of user actions from entering the platform to performing the target action.

The design of iOS and Android mobile applications takes into account specific functionality:

  • Simple intuitive interface;
  • Ease of navigation;
  • Registration on the platform;
  • Subscribe;
  • Filling out an online application;
  • Interactive chat;
  • Themed graphic and text content;
  • Tools for paying for goods and services, and more.

Thus, the more complex the structure of the software and its functionality, the more difficult the implementation of the project will be, since when developing the design of iOS or Android applications, you need to carefully consider each page, button, icon, and other components and elements of the prototype. Everything should be visually and functionally harmonious, evoke positive emotions. To achieve this, you need to provide:

  • Ease of navigation, concise menu, use of special icons to navigate through pages;
  • Calm background color. If the application is being developed for a company that has a recognizable corporate style, it is important to repeat the combination of shades, logo and other attributes. At the same time, the user should not form a feeling of rejection;
  • Swiping gestures – a well-designed path and gestures (pinch, tap, double-tap, drag, zoom, etc.) that activate certain functions determine the ease of use of the application;
  • Good usability defines an intuitive interface;
  • Integration with social networks.

Following these rules, you can develop an application design for iPhone or smartphones of other brands and operating systems that will attract users and ensure the profitability of an Internet project. Art Time Web works with modern web programming algorithms, providing a good, functional and efficient product, in every case.

Android App Design

The design of Android applications should be such as to cover the maximum audience, solve many problems, be more attractive and functional than major competitors.

Application design for Android is in high demand in Ukraine, as the majority of smartphones and tablets – namely, over 86% of mobile devices – have this operating system. Thus, the coverage of the target audience is maximum, which, with a professional approach, can provide a consistently high profit for the software. For commercial software, various marketing tools are used to motivate consumers to place an order for the proposed goods and services. For information platforms, it is important that the presented data be conveniently presented and updated as quickly as possible. For entertainment portals, it is necessary to provide a wide range of offers. Therefore, it is impossible to fit all projects with ready-made template solutions. At ATW, every order is unique. Deep immersion in the subject, goals and objectives of the customer, consumer expectations and behavioral features, allow you to always guarantee the effectiveness of the functionality and design of Android applications.

Mobile app design examples

Mobile application design rules indicate the main areas of work of a specialist. The use of ready-made templates cannot ensure the profitability of the project and the fact that it will be interesting and attractive to consumers. Undoubtedly, competent designers who used modern techniques and tools worked on their creation, but they lack the most important thing – the actual face, character and individuality. Therefore, this approach rarely guarantees success and is often a waste of money and time.

You can learn the basics of mobile app design on your own, but experience does not come immediately, but as a result of long and hard work. Therefore, it is also not recommended to seek help from novice designers who are just trying their hand at this field. The services of professionals will not be much more expensive, but the result is guaranteed to be high.

Design of mobile application interfaces

The development of application interface design is what specialists pay special attention to. The work of Art Time Web studio designers is distinguished by conciseness, simplicity, intuitiveness and simplicity for all users, even those who have just downloaded and installed the application and are using it for the first time. The use of modern tools and techniques for programming, layout, design development, optimization, testing and other operations guarantee the functionality and performance of blocks, elements and components.

If you need an original and unique software product that will meet all your requirements – contact ATW. Here they know how to successfully implement projects of any complexity and volume, and the terms of cooperation are available to business owners of any direction and size.