22 April 2022

Online store or marketplace?


Why is your own online store better than sales on the marketplace?

We have prepared several convincing reasons that your own online store is very convenient and profitable:
1. Collecting customer data
When a visitor views your products on the marketplace and leaves without buying anything, you can assume that you have lost a customer. However, when visiting your online store, you have the option to ask for their email address – and this is the key to building a customer list.
Also, you can “get through” to a potential client using retargeting. The people you reach with this advertising model have a very high chance of making a purchase.
2. Building your brand
Compared to a trading platform, your own online store will give you the opportunity to choose how the surroundings and product cards will look like. The way you present your products forms the impression of your customers and allows you to gain trust.
3. Avoiding a Price War
On the trading floors you compete with other sellers with similar goods, therefore, in order to somehow stand out, you need to make a markdown on the goods. With your own online store, you will not have such problems, since the client will look not only at the cost, but at an attractive thematic design and brand.
4. Loyal customers
80% of your customers bring only 20% of your income. But regular customers bring the largest part of the income (80%). To get loyal customers, you need a customer database, which you can only have with your own online store.

Running a successful online business is no easy task. For example, you will need to figure out how to rank in search engines, attract customers and keep them. Nof you have us – IT-studio Art Time Web, which will qualitatively cope with any of these tasks!